5th Anniversary is Over

Gians Restaurant Abbotsford BCOn the 19th of December it was my 5th Anniversary. We were just going to do a simple dinner at home but I opted instead to take my wife out for East Indian Food at Gian’s which is just around the Corner from our home and within walking distance. The reason was twofold…..anytime we go out my wife drives because I enjoy the festive Spirits so this was an opportunity for her to have a glass of wine and not worry about getting pulled over. The new law says that they can give you a breathalyzer without probable cause and frankly we just don’t want the hassle. The Abbotsford Police have enough idiots to deal with and we just don’t want to be 2 of them.

Secondly Gian’s has the best, in my opinion, East Indian Food in the area. The service has always been great and they always greet you with a smile.

After dinner we came home and relaxed with some Christmas movies and started getting ready for the festivities ahead later in the week. Christmas with kids on Sunday, Family in from Alberta next week ….Gifts and Food and extra pounds oh my. …..The joys of marrying a 1st generation Danish woman …..I have learned new customs that I didnt know existed.

OK reminder for this holiday season people – DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE (nor get high and drive)

Would you like to learn some simple recipes for cooking tasty East Indian Food at home (much cheaper than the East Indian Restaurant)

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