A New Decade

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New DecadeThe start of a new decade…I know I know I have been slacking and really havent done anything with my website in the last 6 months. I took December off to see which direction I wanted to go in for this new decade.

I have made some money online but wanted to make sure that I was positioned to be able to show others how to do that as well. My goal was only to make $3000 per month. Not as lofty as the money I see some of the gurus making but then again I am not them nor, after all I have seen online do I want to be.

There are so many scams online and people telling you that you can make 500 dollars a day in only a few minutes of work. That isnt the way this happens. If you are willing to sit it out and work hard you can make good money from home but it is a lot of hard work and time that needs to be invested.

This blog will be my place to track my journey over the next year.

I am going to prominently doing Affiliate Marketing however as new things and opportunities come my way I will be exploring other options. I will share any tips and tricks I learn on my blog and will also be restarting my Youtube Channel.

Consider this to be your Invitation to join me on this journey!!!!



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