About Me

Jim and Kerry WrightI am Jim Wright and have been doing Affiliate and Online Marketing for about 4 years now. I have had success in Clickbank as well as other places where I have made money on a regular basis.

Unlike others that work from home I am not looking to make millions (although do not get me wrong, if that happens awesome) I just wanted my wife and I to have a good quality of life.

Speaking of my wife we have been married 5.5 years now and love being able to hike and travel in Beautiful British Columbia Canada. If you are a Marketer or struggling with online Marketing send me a message and I would be glad to take the time to help you out if I can.

I am a bit of a techy but try to find tools that are user friendly for most people and not to difficult to use. If you are looking for tools to use for your marketing let me know as I have quite a few that I can share with you whether free or paid


Jim Wright