What Hosting Should I Use?

Get Maxbounty HostingWhat Hosting Should I Use?

As an online marketer your choices for hosting are almost unlimited! There are many companies out there with some amazing hosting deals BUT sometimes cheap hosting is not all it is cracked up to be. I have used several of the bigger players in the market and got screwed over by more than my fair share! (probably have had your share as well)

Did you know that one of the largest CPA¬† Affiliate Networks in the world has started their own hosting Company as well. That’s right. Maxbounty has created their own Hosting Network and IF you are promoting their products anyway online why not use them as your online host as well?

Because I have done a lot with Maxbounty over the years and love their Customer Service I just believe that it was a smart move on my part to move my hosting over there.

Why Use Maxbounty Hosting?

1) Speed – Your Webpages will load Super Fast. There is a Google Update coming up in, I Believe, July 2018 where your webpage speed will be part of your Google Ranking process.

2) Reliability – Top Notch Network Security and several Bandwidth Providers will give you maximum uptime reliability.

3) Enhanced Security 

4) 24/7 Live Professional Support – Support When You Need It

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