How To Learn SEO

How To Learn SEO

I came across this video by Miles Beckler last night and have been watching it as long as I can today and have more to watch. I will go back to it when i have time with a Notebook but wanted to share it with my readers.

The title is “Learn SEO! Free SEO Training Course Created In December 2017 And Updated For 2018” and boy is this great info. He maps out a full strategy for getting your blog posts seen by Google.

So if you ever wanted to learn SEO and how to do it properly here is the place you should go and spend the two hours with Miles teaching you.

Visit Miles at his Youtube Channel

How Do I Resize an Image for Website Use?

I had a friend ask me this question a little while back so sent her an instructional video. I thought it would be awesome to send out to all of my readers. How Do I Resize Images for My Website? Many people have seemed to have trouble with this so when they give you dimensions you need you just have to have the proper FREE TOOL to get the job done.

May I also suggest Canva which has some free tools for creating graphics for Facebook etc.

How Do I Download Video From Youtube to My Computer for Free?

Have you ever saw a video on Youtube that you just wanted to save to your Computer and watch later? I do this with a lot of video’s that are in my niche that I work in. That way I do not have to try and find them the next time I want to watch them. Whether it being a teaching that I just want to glean nuggets from or a webinar that I just don’t have the time to watch at the time it is shared I can easily watch it at a later time and take notes then.

I have created a short video tutorial on how to download movies from Youtube to your computer. It is easy and FREE!