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Time For ChangeIt has been a long time since I have Blogged anything. The reason, I suppose, is that I have felt that I have had nothing particularly profound or positive to say. I know that is a sad state of affairs however I have been feeling the pain that everyone else is feeling. This whole Covid-19 thing has a lot of people hurting and most of us feel helpless to do anything about it. I just haven’t felt positive at all in the last few months.

Time for that to change!

What will this Blog be about?

I will try to lay this out succinctly but no promises.

I have a wonderful wife that I adore altho sometimes she drives me a little crazy but I am halfway there anyway. She gets my anxieties and allows me the space to deal with Social Anxiety Disorder in my own way. It is getting better and better every month that passes but I am not quite there yet.

When I say “I do not like people” she knows that is not true. I do not like people that hurt other people and yes I have been guilty of that myself. I am committed to change!

So let us get into the Nitty Gritty Shall We?

My Faith – This is a deep one for me. Some may think that I have lost my faith after all of the writings I did and then just stopped. I quit talking about it and writing about it. It doesn’t mean that I quit learning or watching teachings and doing the best I can under the circumstances to live up to what I believe. Those beliefs are constantly evolving as I read more.

Truth is I never lost my faith…..I took a hiatus while dealing with a few things.

1) The hurt caused by  Christians in my life and my wife’s life…..Over the last 6 and half years there have been many hurts and we have discussed them ad nauseum. We did stop going to Church altogether but are eager to get back into Community after our holidays. We have many Christian friends online but Online is not your real Community!  I will delve into this more in later posts.

2) Dealing with chronic pain – back (caused by an accident in the 80s but starting to get worse) and hips that are starting to show signs of deterioration ….waking up in pain daily yet trying not to show it all the time.

So what does the future look like?

This Blog will be about life, faith, books I am reading, news  and anything else I choose to post. I find a lot of interesting videos and will share the good ones here with commentary.

What I Am Working On Now!

1) Affiliate Marketing – This is partly how I make my money online – I will be sharing products under my posts or during my posts and if you are kind enough to purchase through me I will get a small commission.  (that is my FCC Necessary Disclaimer)

2) Radio Station – I had started one and had to let it go. I will now be all in. I have a new name chosen and hope to have it up and running by August First if all goes well.  It will be Contemporary Christian Music  from the 60’s thru the 90’s. Wait for a further announcement coming soon!

3) Training Course – Showing People how to make some money online. We dont all want to get rich but just to make enough to get by, pay our bills and eat properly. I will be working on this and my target date is December 31st in time for the New Year.

Those are my three projects right now as well a showing people where to get FREE software that does everything they need to do and doing some freelance work to help people with their online solutions.

I may actually throw some Computer Repair in with that as that is what I did for 10 years previous to working online.

So hang on, This blog will be a ride and a journey. Look forward to having you come along on that journey with me



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