Christmas Officially Over!!!!

Not that I am a Scrooge or anything but today Christmas Officially ended for me.

But let me go back to yesterday….

At about noon we went to Dragon Fort in downtown Abbotsford for a lunch with my brother in law and his wife. They are visiting from Alberta and wanted to get their Chinese food on while they met with us. Love Dragon Fort. Their lunch specials are affordable (start at about $7) and the plate of food they give you is more than generous. If you are in Abbotsford or visiting you really should check out their lunches.

Today my wife went to work so I spent some time on the Computer as my holiday doesn’t finish until Sunday night. (when you work from home you set your own rules but you better be strict or you will make no income) She was off at 1 pm so we headed out to Chilliwack where we had dinner with previously mentioned in-laws and two more sets. She comes from a big Danish family!

Wonderful Spaghetti and Meatballs and a salad then my wife brought out an amazing home made Black Forest Cake which was half devoured and it was amazing. There is half left so the boys at work get a treat tomorrow.

All in all it was a wonderful holiday. From here on in my posts will be about my work days and how YOU can make money from home if you want. I will be setting up a Facebook page soon and sharing everything I know about working from home. That is until Valentines then I may share the story about how my wife and I met and dated and eventually got married….Stay tuned for that…..

If you are looking to make money from home let me know….send me an email at

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