Corona Cabin Fever Free Ideas

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Corona Cabin FeverCorona Cabin Fever

Are you feeling it? Weeks of isolation and Social Distancing are taking its toll on many people today. Uncertainty about finances and what is going on in our Country are at the forefront of everyone’s collective minds.

Last night I said to my wife, “all of these people that are feeling depressed or anxious, mainly teens, what would they have done if this happened and we were quarantined 40 years ago. We had no internet, no cell phones and would only have one phone line without being able to talk to multiple people at the same time.”

We are at an unprecedented time in history where we can do Google Hangouts, Facetime, Social Media and more. We have the ability to contact those all over the world anytime we want. We have a massive amount of news and information at our fingertips whether fake news or not.

So what do we do IF we are feeling Corona Cabin Fever?

If you have a backyard or a deck get outside as much as possible if the weather permits in your area. Fresh air will do you some good!

Take the time to start purging things in your home that you don’t need or don’t want anymore! Do the things that you were putting off for a long time. Take the time to get immersed in something that takes your mind off the situation.

If you are isolated with family play board games, cards or watch those movies that you have on your DVR that have been sitting there for weeks.

Those books you have put off reading. Now is the perfect time to put on relaxing music (there is a ton on Youtube that you can listen to while reading. Try to make your days as stress free as possible.  Here are some youtbe music channel suggestions:

Sunday Coffee Smooth Jazz

Beautiful Relaxing Music for Stress Relief

4 Hours Peaceful and Relaxing Instrumental

Relaxing Music plus Rain Sounds 10 hours

You get the idea

Go to sites like and play games with people from across the world or play computer games across the Country with family members.

Stay in touch with friends and family via phone or Facetime to make sure that everyone is healthy and doing ok.

Start a home based business online. That is what this blog and vlog will be all about so stay tuned for daily updates.

What not to do!

Do not take this virus lightly. Do not get together with people until it is safe to do so. You may be ok but they may be carrying it.

Stop watching the news every hour. It wont help and will add to your daily frustration and anxiety. Watch it once early in the day and for the sake of all that is holy NEVER watch it before bed.

Watch this blog for daily updates on fun things to do and building a business from home.

BONUS: Movie Sites (use a VPN for safety and security)

Global TV Full Episodes. You can watch the latest episodes if you have missed them (only in Canada but get a good VPN. I recommend Nord VPN with a 75% OFF Discount

Classic TV if you like some of the older Classic TV shows

Popcorn Flix – Not the newest movies but you can find some gems in here

Internet Archive – a great collection of older stuff to watch

Movies Joy

Movie Gaga

Vex Movies


CW Network (if you are in the States or use a VPN)

CW Seed

USTV Go – Has most of the USA Channels available to watch

Get a VPN Here …..The Best in My Opinion Nord VPN (75% off right now)

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