Customer Service or Lack Thereof

Bad Customer Service

My wife and I were with friends for a casual night of drinks and appies on Saturday night when the topic of Customer Service came up.

Our friend Ralph was talking about how the  retail staffs today are nothing like we were in the 70’s while working in those jobs. We had a “work ethic” and new that retail was a stepping stone to greater things. 

Today you can walk into a store and not have anyone approach you at all. I would rather have someone welcome me…..ask me if there is anything specific I am looking for than no one say anything. 

I have gone to stores where clerks are playing on their phones , texting and dont even look up to acknowledge I am even there. I tend to not spend any money in that store when that happens.

Let me clarify this though as when I was Grocery Manager at IGA I had some great young people that would do what they were asked and a few even did more. 

So this week I was expecting a package from Amazon coming via Canada Post. 

On Monday night my wife and I were sitting at home and we both got texts saying that Canada Post attempted to deliver the package at 7:24 pm yet we were both sitting here and there was no attempt. I went to our lobby and there was no card left for us either.

On Tuesday morning I called Canada Post and the answer was….they should have left a card and I am so sorry….I said without a card I dont know where even to pick up my package so he gave me the info. GREAT!!!!!

Tuesday evening I receive the card in the mail which tells me:

1) There was no attempt to deliver.
2) They just did the card at the depot or in the truck and it was sent out in the mail. 

Canada Post strikes again. Now I have to take an hour out of my day to go down to the post office and retrieve my package….FRUSTRATING to say the least.

OK Done whining now….have an awesome day!

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