Free Images For Websites and Blogs

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Free Images For Websites and Blogs

I do not know about you but the hardest thing for myself about writing Blog Posts is to find FREE no copyright images. Fortunately I have come across several sites that will help you do just that.

First I know a lot of people use Google Images and that is fine if you follow the rules. Unfortunately if you use a Copyrighted image you may get a cease and desist letter (best case scenario) or be headed straight to a lawsuit where you will have to pay for that image much more than it is worth.

Usage Rights Google Images
To find images you can use go to Google Images – Tools- Usage Rights as shown above.

Here is the breakdown:

Not Filtered by License – I am leary to use these as I am not sure if they are copyright or not. Better to err on the side of caution.

Labeled for reuse with modification – If you  use photoshop (or an alternative like Photo Pea – free software online) then you can modify colors and make these your own.

Labeled for Reuse – Free to use

Labeled for Noncommercial Reuse  with modification – not for business purposes

Labeled For Non Commercial Reuse – not for business purposes

Here is a video I made with a list of other sites with great images you can use and download for FREE!!!!!!

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