It’s Christmas Time – Almost!!!

It is Christmastime – Almost was my rallying cry yesterday. Yesterday was the day when my step kids and their significant others stopped by for their Christmas Brunch and gift openings. Because we all lead busy lives and they have several family gatherings to get to on Christmas Day it is just easier to set aside a day, get together and do all of the niceties. Truth is we live about 45 minutes from them but se ethem only a handful of times each year.

The day started early with my wife getting up early to start the coffee and prep for the Brunch at 11 am and then we had our traditional Baileys and Coffee (don’t judge) The first of the two arrived just after 10am and her daughter was fashionably late as usual. However forgiveness was in the air as she brought our Grand Kitty, Lolo out for us to see. (we dont have grandchildren so we have latched on to Lolo as our grandkitty – see her instagram here)

Brunch was as prescribed and we had a plethora of food. Frittella, sausages, French Toast, veggies and much much more. My wife is an awesome cook and prepares for an army when only a handful of soldiers are coming. I feel the weight going right back on over this Christmas Season.

We had purchased a game called “Citadels” for her daughters boyfriend and decided to take a go at it in the afternoon after gift opening. It is basically a card game with some strategy needed to win and normally I do not like these kinds of games however once we got through the fumbling around with the game rules and figured things out my wife and I both said the game was kind of fun.

When it comes to games I am kind of old school. Instead of paying $40 for a game I would just as soon have a $2 deck of cards, a crib board or cheap dice to play 10,000. Call me frugal. Anyway it was a fun game. Check it out at the link below.

Today is Christmas Eve Day and we are going to sit at home. I am catching up on some of the things I should have finished last week and my wife is doing a Jigsaw Puzzle. Tonight will be Christmas Movies in anticipation of tomorrow.

We need to remember that this “holiday” is about Jesus and not us! It is a time to celebrate with family and friends and starting making plans for all of those resolutions you are bound to break in the New Year.

Coming tomorrow – Where to watch FREE TV shows online

Here is the game of Citadels I was telling you about. Fun for up to 8 people. Click on the image to learn more

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