SEO Mentors for You!!!!

I have picked two of my favorite mentors in this area and wanted to share their videos with you. I know SEO can be a long process.

If you choose to use WordPress there are a number of plugins to help with this. I use Yoast SEO which is FREE and probably one of the most respected.

Let us hop into it:


Miles Beckler: Learn SEO! Free SEO Training Course Created In December 2017 And Updated For 2018

Ruan M Marinho: The 5 SEO ranking factors you MUST know about in 2018

These two will get you started but of course look around Youtube for more. Take notes and learn. That is the only way to succeed with Affiliate Marketing as a career.

Disclaimer: If I have links on these pages you can assume that some are my own affiliate links and that if you click on a link and purchase I may be getting a small commission for that sale.

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