Affiliate Marketing – Day One

W. James Wright - what is your measurement of success.Finally I am restarting my blog!

This has been a long time coming. I have done affiliate marketing off and on for the last few years and made some decent money from it but now am looking at my retirement plan and need to make more.

Take Action Today

1) I am redesigning 2 websites and need to make them comply with all the various laws surrounding selling products online around the world. I am keeping these sites simple so that they are not difficult for me to work on.

2) One of my sites is having an issue with bots and I am going to have to deal with that issue. Shouldn’t be hard and may add to this post today about how I did it.¬† I love WordPress and am just getting used to all of the ins and outs of it!

3) I need to add social icons via plugin to my site.

4) By tomorrow I want to have an instructional video done and 3 more done for the week.

My goal is to post EVERY DAY here and on Youtube and give value to you my viewers.

What are YOUR goals this week?