Ufo’s Caught On Camera By US Navy

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I have always loved the stories about UFO’s and this story about UFO’s caught on camera by US Navy has been making the rounds. Even growing up as a child I wanted to know if there was anything out there in the Universe besides humans on earth. I have always said it would be arrogant of humans to think we are the ONLY living creatures in the Universe.

Now having said that I also grew up very Religious and the answers I got from well meaning Believers were just as plausible . “These are Demons” they would say or “there is no mention of other beings in the Universe in the Bible, so it can’t be true.” I do not think either of these arguments hold water at all.

Erich Von Daniken had an interesting book in the 70’s named Chariot of the Gods. (link to full documentary on Youtube) I read it in Grade 8 and it fascinated me. He tells the story of Biblical Ezekiel. What exactly did he see flying in the air? The problem is just because the Bible doesn’t talk about it doesn’t make it so. You cannot make an argument out of nothing.

Last night I was perusing Facebook and those were the kind of arguments I saw from Christians regarding this newly released video from a US Battleship.

Admittedly I dont know what these things are. When it is shot from a US Military ship I think it lends more credence to the fact that something is out there. These are objects that seem to defy the laws of physics in how they move.

I am still a skeptic and a Believer and I think it is good to question things we do not understand. What say you? Are you a Believer in these things or are they all hoaxes? Leave me a comment below.

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