Being Sick Sucks!!!!

You know that time when you are eager to get things done and you already have a game plan in place and suddenly everything takes a wrong turn? Well that is what happened to me last week! I had my Affiliate Marketing Campaigns set out, My Conversion Pros stuff was on point and creating landing pages and this………… downed by the Mother of All Flus. You know the one….achy all over….cant eat, cough so much you can’t sleep. Being Sick Sucks!!!

Saturday morning I felt ok. A minor scratchy throat, nothing major. By Saturday night it was game over. Terrible cough and everything else I have mentioned before. Today, as I am writing this it is Thursday and I am finally starting to feel better after copious amounts of medication and lots of rest.

Remember the not eating. I am down 10 lbs. Not the way I would suggest doing it but it was efficient.

I turned all of my Social Media off for most of the week and my Computer itself wasn’t turned on until yesterday. This was my profound enlightenment – you do not need to be on Social Media 24/7. I didn’t miss it and it was somewhat freeing. I have decided to turn it off starting with 4 days a week.

I do not need to see negative people, posting negative comments on posts created by people who they do not know!

Hopefully by tomorrow I can get back to work and start to get things done properly. I will probably have to work over the weekend but that’s ok. I have had a long enough holiday.

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